Wattle Valley Stand

Wattle Valley Stand

This stand was made for Wattle Valley Foods to display their range of soft wraps on. Due to this being in a supermarket there are size limits so we created the half width stand for them which perfectly fits the hang sell product and it can be easily moved around the supermarket.


In line with the brands image this stand was manufactured in timber then stained with the logo visible at the top of the stand. Metal hooks were fixed to the stand so the products could be easily slid on and available for the consumer to take off for purchase.

Benefits of using timber:

  • Strong and long lasting product
  • Rustic and natural aesthetics
  • Easy to move around

Timber is a timeless material that can easily withstand the traumas of a supermarket environment and stay looking great. Almost any type of stand can be made using timber.

Wattle Valley Stand
warner displays
  • 327a Neilson Street
  • Penrose
  • Auckland, 1061
  • New Zealand

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