Kent & Stowe Stand

Kent & Stowe Stand

This customer needed a large display stand that was also strong enough to hold the garden tools as they are quite heavy whilst allowing the customers to easily take them off to have a closer look if desired.


To keep in line with the brands values this sign has been manufactured in timber with steel fittings attached for the garden tools to be displayed on. The hooks can be easily moved along the slatwall channel if desired and the company logo has been printed onto the timber.

Benefits of using timber:

  • Natural, strong and durable material
  • Offers an earthy and organic aesthetic
  • Can be moved around the store easily

Timber is one of those materials that never dates and as it’s strong and resilient the stand can easily take the knocks of being within a retail environment. Great for larger stands.

Kent & Stowe Stand
warner displays
  • 327a Neilson Street
  • Penrose
  • Auckland, 1061
  • New Zealand

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