Henergy Egg Stand

Henergy Egg Stand

The Cage Free Specialists, Henergy Eggs were looking for a sturdy and long lasting stand for their eggs to be displayed and fit within the supermarket environment. The stand also needed to be able hold a reasonable level of stock so that the customer could take product directly from as they went around the shop.


We used heavy duty plywood for this stand and sealed it with a clear coat. Ply was an excellent option as it an extremely strong and durable product which also portrays the organic and natural image in line with our clients values.

The benefits of timber:

  • Natural and strong product
  • Can be stained or painted and logos easily attached or printed on
  • Easy to move around and you can make almost any size you want

Timber always looks great and is tough and resilient, especially critical for the retail supermarket space. The ability to create almost any size and configuration with plywood and timber is a major plus for using this type of material and it gives you a rustic and natural feel and look.

Henergy Egg Stand
warner displays
  • 327a Neilson Street
  • Penrose
  • Auckland, 1061
  • New Zealand

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