Hang Sell Displays Increase Impulse Purchases

Increase impulse purchases and use all your valuable retail space with hang sell fasteners and displays!

Hang sell displays create eye-catching displays that encourage impulse purchases

The best way to sell things is by making them highly visible to potential buyers. Hang sell displays brings the products to life.

For the most eye-catching, easy-to-use displays, hang sell options beat the competition. There are an array of different hang sell display options, from plastic clip strips through to canned good hang sell units. These are all highly portable, easy to set up, and are great for customers. They improve your store—and sales—in a variety of ways.

They create impulse buying

These hanging displays are directly at customer eye height, making them immediately easy to see (or, completely impossible to miss). The way they are displayed means the product is also easy to grab—a combination of eye-catching and accessible makes hang sell displays an impulse-buy bonanza. They are proven to stimulate sales, especially in the highly competitive FMCG market.

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Maximise your retail space

Hang sell displays are great to utilise previously unused corners of a store. They can be hung on walls, on shelving uprights, on aisle-ends and even at the counter. Any small space, between shelving or awkward corners, can now be an extra product display.

Hang sell displays are eye-catching and very attractive

In a world where a product literally has two seconds to catch a customer’s eye, hang sell displays do the job well. Packaging is presented attractively, and the slight extension outward from the shelf means these products are the ones they’ll see first. If your product needs an edge on the competition, this is it.

Great to encourage complementary sales

If you have two items that should be stored together but belong in separate sections of the store, hang sell displays allow this. In the canned section, next to the reduced cream, a hang sell display with onion soup mix. Next to a beach towel promotion, a display of sunscreen. The opportunities are endless.

Ideal for a range of products

Anything that’s small enough to hang from our hang sell stations are perfect items to sell. As well as confectionary and snacks, cosmetics are another popular item to hang. Lip balm, hair ties, anything small can be displayed attractively. Stationery such as pens, electronic items such as batteries, even small toys or garden accessories like gloves.

Cost effective retail display options

Hang sell strips and fasteners are generally very reasonably priced which means that this is an incredibly economical way to expand your marketing options.

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